Hi, I’m Amber – mum to two {a.k.a. Sweetpea & Darlingheart}, home cook and great believer in the magical powers of food. I love to make simple wholesome food and share it with the people I love. I travel through life seeking connection and looking to find something special or majestical in the everyday; the ways I’ve found to do this and the food I cook from day to day – this is what I can give to you. I hope that it can spark inspiration for your journey and provide you with something tasty to eat along the way.

I’m pretty sure that how we eat and share our food has a great impact on us all, and sharing great food with the world around you {whether that be your family or friends or the space you live in} can help make us all feel happier and better nourished. Relishing a home-made meal every day can be an easy way for us to unwind and de-stress, a reminder to slow down and remember who we are as people; feeding bodies well and taking time to talk and dream is something I love to do whenever I can.

I look to the wisdom of traditional cultures from all around they world and the amazing ways they express themselves, especially with their connection to food. I am trying to cultivate some traditions in my own life, and I hope from my words and recipes you can find something that inspires this within you too.

My recipes are wholefood and mostly plant based, which helps to keep a healthy body that works as it should. They cater for a wide range of diets, so if your body has special quirks {I know mine does} you will still be able to find something delicious that also keeps it feeling good. And from time to time it’s also important to have a treat, so you will find a few recipes for these too…

Making is a major part of me, and tasty food that is good for your body is something special that I love to enjoy every day. Good food and the wonder of the small things help make living that little bit brighter, and when all else fails yoga is my rescue remedy and makes me feel a bit like Wonder Woman. Growing as many things as I can, and learning how to make things from scratch gives me a little buzz. I think these things and sharing them with others, is what real life is all about for me. Life may not always shiny and fun, often it isn’t, but all of our experiences have the ability to teach us more about who we are, and who we want to be. Play nice, enjoy the sunshine and always stop to smell the flowers.

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